• Public Safety: In cases when a citizen dies as a result of police action, the DPD would be required to preserve all evidence related to the incident & work with the Michigan AG to conduct an investigation into the matter. 

  • Public Safety: Suspend the use of facial recognition software within DPD until appropriate studies on the effectiveness can be carried out at the university level. Going forward the BOPC and City Council would approve the use of facial recognition software. 

  • Water: Implementation of a water amnesty program for residential customers. 

  • Housing: Provide Detroit owner occupants an advance two week period to bid on city owned properties before they are released to the public for bid. 

  • Property Stewardship: Institute “Claw back” agreements: A restitution (money or land) would be owed back to the city when a developer doesn’t uphold their end of the agreement with regards to upkeep, development, or usage of city-owned properties. Implementation of better oversight and accountability would be included. 

  • Ethics: I support the ordinance proposed by Raquel Castaneda-Lopez that would require annual ethics training for all elected city officials