Statement from the Johnson campaign

The Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) needs to do a Consent Order and Supplemental Environmental Project to determine the cause of the air pollution and to outline remediations. Stellantis should implement a violation notification system, whether a siren and/or text message, notifying residents when odor pollution is greater than allowed. EGLE and Stellantis should  develop a joint public web site to report environmental data.  The site would post the testing results of EGLE and real-time environmental data collected by Stellantis at the Conner and Mack Facilities.  The web site requirement is similar to the requirement placed on Marathon after its 2019 air pollution incident.


Summary of research findings

  • The recent violation happened at the Mack Facility.  Some previous violations at the Conner Facility are given for some history.  

  • The Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) outlined in the 11/2013 fine of the Conner facility doesn’t outline the environmental benefits of the proposal very well.  The entire report only talks about ‘air pollution’, not the specifics of what’s in the pollution.  Was it VOC’s?...  The SEP only talks about reducing CO2 and “indirect reductions in various emissions”.  This is vague and unacceptable.  

  • The Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes and Energy is required to do ongoing testing at all sites.  


November 21, 2013

Stellantis at 2101 Conner Ave was fined $21,000 by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  MDEQ:

  • alleges that the Company has violated Part 55, Air Pollution Control, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, Michigan Administrative Code (MAC), 1980 AACS, R 336.1910 (Rule 910) and various requirements outlined in Renewable Operating Permit (ROP) Number MI-ROP-N2155-2010

  • alleges that the Company operated five (5) separate thermal oxidizers used to control air pollution at temperatures below permit requirements. Furthermore, the MDEQ alleges that the Company failed to timely report certain thermal oxidizer temperature excursions.  The thermal oxidizers are involved in the painting process

  • Violation Notices were issued to JNAP on October 4, 2012, January 17, 2013, and March 27 2013

  • The Company and the MDEQ agree that the signing of this Consent Order is for settlement purposes only and does not constitute an admission by the Company that the law has been violated.

  • A Quality Improvement Plan and Supplemental Environmental Project were put into place to address the issues 1

  • See this link for the Supplemental Environmental Project at the end, which is not very extensive


October 22, 2014

Stellantis  at 2101 Conner Ave was fined $49,571 by the EPA for ‘environment-related offenses’.  No details were provided. 2


Sept 20, 2021

Stellantis at 4000 Saint Jean Street (Mack Complex)

  • The Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), investigated complaints of nuisance odors alleged to be the result of operations at FCA US LLC – Detroit Assembly Complex Mack, located at 4000 Saint Jean Street, Detroit, Michigan. The purpose of these investigations was to determine the Complex Mack’s compliance with the requirements of the federal Clean Air Act; Part 55, Air Pollution Control, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451

  • In each of these investigations, AQD staff determined the source of the odors to be FCA US LLC – Detroit Assembly Complex Mack.  The odors observed during each investigation were objectionable and of sufficient intensity, duration, and frequency to constitute a violation of Rule 901(b), and General Condition No. 6 of PTI 14-19a: an “unreasonable interference with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property.” 

  • The letter from EGLE asks:

    • Please initiate actions necessary to correct the cited violations and submit a written response to this Violation Notice by October 11, 2021. The written response should include: the dates the violations occurred; an explanation of the causes and duration of the violations; whether the violations are ongoing; a summary of the actions that have been taken and are proposed to be taken to correct the violations and the dates by which these actions will take place; and what steps are being taken to prevent a reoccurrence. 3


Aug 25, 2020: Both plants

  • Community residents raised concerns about a permit request submitted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for both their Detroit Assembly Complex Mack Plant and their Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) in an online hearing held Wednesday by EGLE. 

  • EGLE is required to do testing to verify that the emission rates of particulate matter coming out of their stacks matches what was predicted.  4