"I want to work for you. It's time we elect someone with the political courage to stand up against continued policies that perpetuate systemic, oppressive conditions.

Growing up in Detroit in a low-income household, I understand the challenges that many face within our community; as a first generation college graduate I also understand the value of having a support system to overcome poverty. I've shown my commitment to the community by serving as a volunteer with care and concern.




Equity and inclusion is an active process that requires continuous commitment to promote healthy people, healthy communities, and the overall success of present and future generations. As a Black woman, it's time we come out of the shadows and be recognized for the leadership we provide!


Everyone deserves the right to a quality, affordable home. Homes protect our families from the elements and are the bedrock of a family’s financial future. The more occupied houses we have, the safer our communities become with more eyes and ears able to be vigilant. In recent years, many neighborhoods have seen property values increase so much that long time residents are being displaced because of their inability to pay the dramatically higher rents. In order to maintain socio-economic diversity within our neighborhoods, we must seek ways to support the development of affordable housing. I would love to see support of Community Land Trusts where neighbors can work together to help one another.

Equitable development is inclusive of skill-building programs, community centers, and small business development, as well as housing.


Everyone deserves clean, safe drinking water and a safe place to live. I work toward updating our aging water infrastructure system, remove lead service lines and upgrade seawalls, while implementing a tiered water affordability plan or flat rate plan.


When every member of society has an opportunity to contribute to the conversation we have the ability to create policy that empathizes with all. Drawing on strong relationships built over the past 14 years, I plan to expand ways to keep residents informed and working with the Council. A robust Community Advisory Council for the District will facilitate community discussion and will hold representatives accountable to their promises.